Meet the two cute additions to the Where pets are welcome family…. Stumps and Tails, tortoise shell sisters adopted from the Cats Protection charity in 2017.

We chose our lovely twosome online. However, it transpired the young sisters were housed with the West Yorkshire Cats Protection; as we lived in North Yorkshire, we were advised adoption was not possible as they didn’t have the capacity to come and vet us.

A plan was hatched

But it was too late – my partner and I had already fallen in love with these two beautiful girls, and so together we hatched a plan. We telephoned North Yorkshire Cats Protection to ask if they would be able to arrange for one of their staff to vet us, while liaising with West Yorkshire. They said yes and we agreed to make all the trips necessary in order to collect them and make them ours. We also made donations to both North and West Yorkshire’s Cats Protection fund.

Making them ours

The cats came with names, Lola (now Stumps, pictured left) and Luna (Tails on the right), but we didn’t particularly like either. Ours are strange alternatives you might think, but we simply wanted to pay homage to the fact Tails has a tail and Stumps’ tail is missing!

While Stumps is not officially a Manx cat, born on the Isle of Man, she does carry the naturally occurring mutation that shortens the tail, and she also carries many of the traits of a Manx. Apparently, it’s quite common for Manx cats to be born in a litter with other none Manx cats.

As with many rescue cats, Stumps and Tails had a very poor start to life. They were part of a litter of six cats, where only three survived; they and their surviving brother was fostered by one of the veterinary nurses who nursed them to health. However, survival for Stumps was hit and miss through the initial months of her life, and she spent a great deal of time at the vets.

Two distinct personalities

When the girls first arrived with us, Stumps was very shy, and she positively hated me. Her behaviour would vary: one day she’d hunt me, while others she wouldn’t even give me the time of day, and she also took every opportunity to whack me – I mean she REALLY hated me. It was only when my mum passed away, and she needed someone to cuddle, that I came into favour. I’m delighted to say I’m now the recipient of nightly cuddles.

Tails, we thought would be the hunter of the house – how wrong we were – she is a Daddy’s girl and always be can found by my side. Her temperament is more akin to a Rag Doll cat than a domestic short haired, as she will let me do anything with her including having fun dressing her up. Well it’s important to have to have fun together!

We’ll be featuring tales of our two mischievous kittens in some of our articles.

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